The LT Code

No, I am not going to go on about our resolution, morals or philosophy … I am actually just going to present you with our code!! We have teamed up with CodeSquare to make it easier for you to connect with us on Facebook … and we have also thrown in some treats within the QR code as well. Just scan, give us a “like” and receive discounts on future courses or a variety of other promotions as time goes by! If you don’t have you smartphone right by you, click HERE … or just scan below!

LT CodeSquare

Time to get snap-happy

Back by popular demand, the Introduction to Photography course will run again in mid-October! Got a digital camera? Analogue? Mobile phone? Disposable? Not to worry! This course is not camera specific and is a good base lesson to learn about what a camera does and many of those mystical settings that can help you understand photography more.

A Call to Arms!

OK, not so much a call to arms as a call to anyone wishing to become part of our team of course instructors. We are planning on printing advertising material for any courses starting in the month of October and beyond. So far we have Conflict Management and Photography courses coming up next month as well as a handful of other possibilities awaiting confirmation. If you have anything you would like to add to Learning Tree, no matter how trivial you may think a course idea would be, please get in touch with us to go through the details, dates and times. Do you know how to make a chocolate cake? People would love to know the right ingredients! Have you a better way to care for a dog? Then show your skill! From boiling the perfect pot of rice to beer brewing … from caring for children with special needs to proper etiquette for setting a table … nothing is too small or too big that people don’t want to learn more about. Share your ideas, skills, experiences and thoughts with others in the area, and let us help you find a location, spread the word and earn some extra spending money. Contact us and spread the word!

Martial Arts 101 – The Sequal

Due to interest, along with bad weather conditions this past Wednesday, Dash O. has decided to re-run the Martial Arts 101 course again next week! So all of you who contacted us and could not make it out in the cold and rain last time get another chance!! Next Wednesday, July 3rd, is set up back at the Bandstand in front of Cafe Fontana in the park in Olomouc. Please slots register ahead of time with us for the course so that we may keep you up to date on any changes or variations that may come about. (The way the weather has been, who knows … a blizzard maybe?) We look forward to seeing you there!

And So We Begin!

Welcome to Learning Tree! In the links above, you can find information about the courses we offer and the individuals that are leading them. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in teaching or sharing with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page. Thank you for all your support, and check back from time to time for any updates and new classes we have to offer.